Projects I would love to see packaged in Fedora

I suspect this won’t be my last post like this. I use to just package them up myself but I’m finding that the amount of packages I maintain is increasing and the time I have to actually maintain them is decreasing and I know there’s people that are likely better suited to some of these packages than I am.

PinPoint – a tool for making hackers do excellent presentations
What more do I need to say! PinPoint is a clutter based tool for making cool presentations without death by bullet point.

Media Explorer – a media centre application for Linux
Media Explorer is another clutter/Mx based project for playing various types of media. It leverages existing libraries (GUPnP, Grilo, Tracker, GStreamer) to find, index and play local and remote media. It comes from the original Moblin team and looks very cool.

SqueezeBox server
SqueezeBox server is a music server for Logitech’s excellent SqueezeBox devices but it works with other devices. There’s upstream rpms but its unfortunately broken with Fedora 15. The server is written in perl and I believe the code is all open source including a number of clients.

There’s a couple of utils that are part of the libiMobileDevice project that some people might find useful that aren’t yet packaged. ideviceinstaller for app management is one, nautilus-ideviceinfo for extended information in Nautilus is the other.

7 thoughts on “Projects I would love to see packaged in Fedora”

    1. Well I have packaged and maintain over 125 packages so I’m not lazy, I just don’t have the time to properly maintain them all. If your spending time to package or re-package things already why don’t you become a package maintainer. It will take you no more time than the initial setup and then others benefit from your work as well. I highly recommend it 🙂

      1. Wow, what an amazing list of packages. And you have a day job! 😉 Honestly, it’s partly the responsibility. Hey, I’m only a builder and part-time debugger, and don’t want to pamper the bugs. (Or I do, partly.)

        But I had a look at the package maintainer application process some time ago, and was motivated to go through it twice, but something seemed to complicated for me each time.

        At least now I know a potential sponsor. 🙂

        Let me go execute “squeal” and find out how many potential candidates there are.

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