Fedora 14 RC1 rootfs for armv5tel

Its been a long while coming, I’ve been meaning on cutting a new F-14 rootfs for a while but I’ve not managed to get around to it.

So what’s new since the last one? Frankly a lot!

  • Kernel’s included for omap, tegra and qemu
  • All packages signed and using the mirrors
  • minimal and XFCE images
  • a lot more!

This release has been proven to be pretty stable and even reasonably fast, in fact its what basically makes up the OLPC XO 1.75 11.3.0 release that I’ve spent the best part of 6 months building 🙂

Fedora 14 RC1 armv5tel minimal rootfs
Fedora 14 RC1 armv5tel XFCE rootfs

Details about what to do with the rootfs can be found on the Fedora ARM wiki pages. Beware its not for the faint of heart.


One thought on “Fedora 14 RC1 rootfs for armv5tel”

  1. Hi Peter,

    A few things you might want to consider:

    1. You probably want to mention the root password is “fedoraarm”. Although that is the same as some previous rootfs images, I don’t think people will necessarily make that correlation if they are just starting with ARM.

    2. You might want to make an adjustment for is LVM. I’m currently booting an LVM backed filesystem, so having initramfs images without LVM support is just painful. I thought I’d be able to update the initramfs and in turn the initrd from my host system but dracut was not able to create a bootable image. I was able to get around it by booting an older image, and re-installing kernel-omap on the running Pandaboard to get the initramfs with the LVM bits.

    3. I think installing ntpd in the minimal image would be a good idea. The first thing you’ll want to do on boot is set the date/time and unless you want to do it by hand every time you really need ntpd. If the date/time is incorrect, things like yum, wget, etc. will mysteriously malfunction when attempting to validate certificates because of the date/time skew.

    4. How about publishing your rootfs creation script?

    Thanks for the image, it’s a great starting point.

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