A change of scenery

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a number of months. Almost six in fact, I started writing it well over two months ago because I got an email over the weekend saying that it had been 90 days since I’d started at Red Hat. That’s right, I have a new job! I’d been at my previous employer for nigh on five years and I felt that I was no longer growing and that it was time for a change so when someone approached me about putting on the Red fedora I thought it was a too good an opportunity to pass up!

My official title is Senior Consultant as part of the UKI (United Kingdom and Ireland) and EMEA Infrastructure Professional Services team and I’ll be spending most of my time dealing with Enterprise customers dealing with RHEL and Cloud related things so my role doesn’t directly involve Fedora on a day to day basis. That’s not to say my role won’t involved Fedora as there’s certainly some opportunity there especially with the upstream enterprise related products such as FreeIPA, oVirt and before long OpenStack as well as many many others. It might even one day involve some ARM related work because there’s certainly interest there. Generally it won’t affect or change much in terms of my involvement as all, in most things it will just be business as usual.

One thing that has changed is the amount of travel I do has increased dramatically at least in the short term. Places I’ve been to so far include Helsinki, Munich, Paris and Cairo.

My team is recruiting more people so if you’re possibly interested in joining the Red Hat consulting team in the UK get on contact with me if you want some more information or want to have a chat about the roles.