Helpful git tips

So chatting with a colleague about some git tricks this week I discovered that not everyone was aware you could change the bash prompt to give certain git status, such as branch, and things like if you’re in merge/am/bisect modes etc. I’ve had the pieces in my .bashrc for so long I had literally got to the point it was assumed functionality that every one has enabled.

The following snippet is what I have in my ~/.bashrc:

# git branch display
source /usr/share/git-core/contrib/completion/
export PS1='[\[\e[0;32m\]\u\[\e[0m\]@\[\e[0;35m\]\h\[\e[0m\] \W\[\e[0;33m\]$(__git_ps1 " (%s)")\[\e[0m\]]\[\e[0;32m\]\$ \[\e[0m\]'

And with that you get a more useful prompt that looks like the prompt below, in this case merging bits, for all git repos with added colours too!:

[peter@localhost linux (master *+|MERGING)]$