About Peter Robinson

My name is Peter Robinson or Ribbo to my mates. I’m an Australian from Fremantle, Western Australia living and working in London, United Kingdom. I’ve been living in the UK since April 2005.

I’m currently the Fedora release engineer for Alternate Architectures including aarch64, Power64 and s390x.

In my spare time I play around with Fedora on various bits of mobile, embedded and other bits of hardware. I’m one of the leads for the Fedora ARM initiative including maintaining the koji-shadow build infrastructure, deal with kernel build issues and all sorts of other random bits to do with ARM hardware. I am also the maintainere of the Sugar on a Stick spin. I’m also an active contributor to the One Laptop Per Child and associated SugarLabs initiatives.

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  1. I installed Fedora 16 rootfs on a chromebook, and now I am interested in the rootfs for ARM because I only have a smart phone projected to my TV at home as my only PC.

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