FUDCon Day 1

Wow what a busy day! We started off with BarCamp pitches followed by the FPL traditional “Fedora State of the Union” talk from Jared.

The first BarCamp I went to was the Fedora on ARM including an update of OLPC on Fedora from Martin Langhoff. Very interesting and there was a lot of interest in my Toshiba AC100 SmartBook running Fedora 13 ARM on the nVidia Tegra250 dual core ARM A9 processor.

Lunch was very interesting. All the people involved in Sugar on Fedora got together for a chat about what everyone was up to and how things were working, and a quick discussion as to what different parties saw from Sugar on a Stick and whether it was useful. The people in attendance (from memory) were myself, Sebastian Dziallas, Mel Chua, Simon Schampijer, Martin Langhoff, Stephen Parish, Bernie Innocenti, Dennis Gilmore and Samuel Greenfeld. It was good to chat face to face about the requirements and challenges of Sugar in Fedora and the various requirements of Fedora, OLPC, SugarLabs and third party users like the Dextrose crew. There were many other hallway chats about various Sugar related things including with Adam Williamson and Samuel for QA related testing of Sugars and associated components, and with Martin about XS Server related things. The whole day was very sweet (pun intended!) with Sugar related discussions. Of course the discussions didn’t stop there and continued into the evening at FUDPub.

After lunch I attended the Education übertalk which was very interesting about various means of teaching open source from Máirín’s teaching of design and graphics through open source applications, to ctyler’s 15 minutes on teaching open source at universities and how that’s allowed them to use Fedora as a showcase of a release process because its all open, and of course Mel and Sebastian’s slot of POSSE. All very interesting and very different takes on getting open source out there.

I managed to make it to Mike McGrath’s talk on cloud, although I didn’t make it to enough cloud related talks over the weekend, because as always there seems to be way too many cool things to attend and way to many conflicts!

The discussion about Fedora Spins and the future there of was also very interesting. Its something that’s been long over due and while we didn’t have enough time to get through all the required bits to discuss I feel that we got enough of the root ideas out and discussed and noted down to be able to take the rest of the discussion to the lists. I was very interested in this and in time there should be some nice improvements to enable some improvements to the way the spins process that should greatly help both the Sugar and possible future MeeGo spins.

In the evening there was the traditional FUDPub. And what fun it was too. Although I do place the blame for how I felt the following day on Martin and Simon for moving me from drinking beer to Cuba Libre’s and big ones at that!

5 thoughts on “FUDCon Day 1”

  1. You speak about the ac100 with fedora running ?
    Didi you achieve to have a stable linux release ?
    People working with ubuntu on the ac100 have some trouble regarding the stability …
    (and sound for exemple)

    1. We discussed it in the ARM session briefly and in various hallway sessions. I’ve not had time to get it to the point where it’s fully stable and I currently use it mostly from a console. I need to spend time time experimenting with newer kernels to see what is missing as there’s been a lot of tegra based support go upstream of late.

  2. Any news on the ac100 with fedora?

    I can’t convince the keyboard to start doing it’s job in X! 🙁

    1. Yes, I had the same problem. I’ve not had time since FUDCon to look at it closer unfortunately. Now that the AC100 has been upgraded to Froyo there should be a newer 2.6.32.x kernel source for it, unfortunately in the process of upgrading it to 2.2 I’ve bricked it so need to roll it all back to original firmware backups first. Hopefully will get more time for it in April once I’ve finished all the travel I’m currently doing.

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