Well in the vote for naming for Fedora 16 I’ve voted for a Beefy Miracle 🙂

Having known of the Hot Dog for a while it wasn’t until FUDCon Tempe the fan base he has!

In other voting news Red Hat has announced the finalists for their 2011 Red Hat Certified of the Year Finalists. I’ve been nominated as the Finalist for the EMEA region continuing a fine Fedora tradition. I would appreciate your vote so the Fedora tradition can continue. So follow the link and cast your vote there as well (it takes even less time than voting for the release name!) and if I happen to be fortunate enough to win I’ll be at the Red Hat Summit continuing to where the Fedora hat 🙂

2 thoughts on “Voting….”

  1. Your blog does not really say who you are as for some people “Aussie living in London” won’t be enough information 😉 But I gave my vote to the only Aussie I know in the UK 🙂

    1. Ah 🙂 but Peter Robinson comes up on the RSS feed on the planet though! Will update my blog so its more noticeable. Thanks

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