FUDCon Milan

Well another FUDCon is over, they seem to go quickly! This one seemed shorter than previous ones and that’s primarily because it was. Most FUDCon events are 2.5-3 days. This one was two. That’s not to say it wasn’t productive as it most definitely was and I was in Milan from Thursday until Tuesday along with a number of others which meant I got the opportunity to discuss a number of things face to face with a number of people that I usually speak to daily on IRC or other online means so it was certainly productive. And as always its good to meet up with friends face to face, meet new friends and eat, drink and generally be merry 🙂

So what did I achieve? Quite a bit but a lot of it isn’t directly accountable. So a bullet point list of what I can remember:

  • Discussions with dgilmore and others about ARM and various plans for F-15/16/17 and beyond
  • Secondary architectures!
  • Anaconda with wwoods and others including support for ARM, images, tablets, Live USB keys without overlay file systems to avoid corruption issues with SoaS deployments
  • Support for various OLPC XO and Sugar Labs issues we see or envision moving forward
  • Demos of ARM on the XO and other devices
  • A governance session
  • A lot of other random conversations
  • FUDPub 🙂

So what else did I get up to? Gelato with jsmith on a number of occasions, a day trip to Venice with spot and dgilmore including a VERY early start and some geocaching in both Venice and Milan and some sight seeing around Milan.

So a big THANK YOU to the organisers of FUDCon Milan with both my Fedora Board and personal hats on! 😀