Verne in beta…

I have a number of devices that run Fedora and they all get upgraded at various times through out the release process. The eeePC 901 gets upgraded, reinstalled and uses the upcoming release regularly and constantly. My build test VM runs the release from shortly after beta of the previous release. My “stable” devices upgrade times vary depending on the release. These are devices I need to live my life and include my work laptop, my NAS box, my media centre box, my firewall, and two servers. So what releases are they all running 🙂

Work laptop: this was upgraded this week to Verne. It didn’t get upgraded to F-15 for a couple of months after the release. Most of the time it gets upgraded around the beta. I have some issues with it, most are thankfully not major road blocks. I’ll cover this one in a separate post.

NAS: Running F-16. Its solely CIFS/NFSv4 and some other services like Squeeze Centre Server. No major problems as yet.

Build VM: Its a VMWare VM. Has been fine, but for some reason of late its suspending or locking up of late. This is somewhat concerning.

Media Centre: I need to upgrade it, i’ve just not had the time. I’m looking forward to trying out Media Explorer once I’ve finished the package review 🙂

Firewall: Sometime very soon. I wish NetworkManager would add support for native IPv6 on PPPoE connections

Servers: My primary hosted server is still running Fedora 14. It runs a number of websites, mail servers and VMs. I want to upgrade this but it needs a proper backup process first 😐 My other server is running F-15 and I’ll likely push it to F-16 once I’ve worked out why the buildbox VM is suspending/crashing, it is after all my primary mail server.

Overall I’m looking forward to Verne. Its looking to be a very solid release with some great new features and the stabilisation of two of the major changes in F-15 in systemd and gnome-3 with a lot of thanks going to Adam Williamson and the QA team and their tireless work to keep the rest of us in check and on schedule. I believe Adam barely slept in the four days leading up to Verne beta being declared good to go so we didn’t slip another week. Thank you all! I’m looking forward to a great release 🙂