Fedora 15 ARM alpha rootfs

I meant to do this over the FUDCon weekend but completely ran out of time. So I’ve cut a minimal rootfs tarfile for both softfp and hardfp Fedora 15. They are little tested but I am running something very close to them and others have had success.

The hardfp image comes with kernels for OMAP (BeagleBoard/PandaBoard) and Tegra devices (primarily Trimslice) where as the softfp image comes with OMAP and Marvell (plug computers). The root password is fedoraarm and there’s various instructions for devices all over the place.

You can get the hardfp rootfs here and the softfp rootfs here.

This will likely be the only rootfs for Fedora 15. The GUI bits are coming along slowly but from here on pretty much everything that’s working will be installable using yum.

I’m not concentrating most of my time on getting ARM rawhide on the coat tails of mainline. More on that very soon 😉

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