FUDCon Blacksburg Day 2 & 3

Well day two of FUDCon started with the usual bits and pieces that people have reported about including BarCamp pitches and the FPL’s state of the union address.

Again most of my day revolved around ARM bits and pieces including the Secondary Arches session. We gave away vouchers for 20 Raspberry Pi’s for people to hack on when they are released. I’m looking forward to those 20 people getting involved in the ARM project and blogging about all the cool things they do with them.

In between all the ARM sessions and lots of random hallway discussions about ARM, OLPCs and just about anything Fedora I managed to sneak off and sit in on a Gluster session to have a break from ARM related stuff. In between all of that I was hacking on rawhide for ARM but that’s another blog post entirely so stay tuned.

FUDPub was a good opportunity to have a break from the laptop and discuss various things and catch up with various people I hadn’t managed to spend much time with and get to know them a little better. I was somewhat surprised that the beer ran out so quickly.

Sunday morning was a slower kick off and was some serious ARM hacking and some further discussions. Things started to slow down as people departed to head home. Mid after noon was the second board meeting. We discussed a number of things from SOPA/PIPA support options through to Christoph’s Fedora Council proposal. In ended up being quite a long but fairly productive meeting.

Overall as always I found FUDCon very useful, this time in particular it was good to get some high bandwidth discussions over ARM related stuff with people that I’ve been speaking with daily on IRC and telephone over the last couple of months. It was also good to get it some more attention in the wider Fedora community to give people opportunity to hear about the things that we’re doing, the things we’re aiming to do and to ask questions about things like aim to promote ARM to a primary architecture.