FUDCon Blacksburg Day 1

So day one was very busy. Most of the day was spent discussing and planning various components of the ARM secondary architecture. We ran a number of sessions from koji infrastructure planning and development, building rawhide on ARM, defining requirements to promote ARM to a primary architecture. There was a LOT of information to digest and a lot of discussion had. It was all very productive.

From 16:00 we had a Fedora Board meeting to discuss board goals and Fedora goals and the success and/or failure of the current goals. We also discussed board communications with the rest of the community and projects for the board for the comming year.

Other than that even the hallway discussions were fairly high bandwidth as well and it was a very busy. I very much enjoyed sitting down for a few beers in the evening to discuss some of the many things I do within Fedora and other side projects and hobbies.