FUDCon Blacksburg Transit Day and can someone bring a spare Dell laptop charger to FUDCon

The flight was some what uneventful….. Immigration was WORSE than usual. It took 2 hours because for some reason they wouldn’t open more than four positoins at once, the queues were out the door. The there was the usual dicks that are the TSA with their terrible attitude that turns even worse if you decide to opt out of their useless scanners that will scan through everything and still require you to strip everything off.

I then discovered I’ve left my laptop charge behind in the early morning rush to get out of the house 🙁 So if anyone has a spare Dell Latitude E-Series or D-Series laptop charger they could throw in their bag I would be for ever grateful (my laptop is a E6410 but I’ve used all E and D series with it).

Repeat: Anyone coming to FUDCon that has a spare Dell charger I can borrow over FUDCon I will owe you beer (or what ever your fave beverage is!).